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Ace Pelizon Plumbing a tempted to jet main line from back clean above toilet, and attempted to jet form water heater closet clean out and was not able to get out over 100’ feet due to all the turns in the line before it ties into main. Recommend sewer repair / clean out install. If clean out install is done by ace Pelizon Plumbing I will take 700.00 of invoice for repair. Ace Pelizon Plumbing during jetting could not get jetter past approx 100 feet from clean out in water heater closet. Line appears to still be clogged or draining very slow. Found hand wipes in line. Recommend installing a down stream and upstream clean out in front of building in dog walk. Ace Pelizon will excavate in unpaved area in front of building. Will excavate down to approx 7‘ deep. Will cut out up to 5’ of 4” cast iron sewer line. Will install new 4” abs clean out one for down stream and one for upstream. Will install risers to grade. Will backfill with native soil. Will then hydro jet Maine line b