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Christopher  C.

Christopher C. Job Checkin

-remove 40 gallon electric water heater in laundry room closet -install new 40 gallon electric water heater -install new shut off valve -install new water heater pan Upon arrival customer explained that the water was tripping the breaker so tried replacing the heating element and found that heater would drain after looking at heater I found that was leaking as well with his approval I got heater to slowly drain while I was gone picking up new heater after returning to home I was finally able to get heater to drain enough to move after removing heater I installed new pan and new heater with 3500w heating elements filled heater and turned power back on and insured it was heating Everything is now working properly with no leaks

Adam H.

Adam H. Job Checkin

After arriving to the home and briefly assessing standing water in what is believed to be the drainfield I’m going to need to pull the original records on the septic system to know the type of system before any upfront pricing can be given on possible repairs. After receiving and reviewing the records from the county, the system is an LP system outside of our current licensing.

Jeremy S.

Jeremy S. Job Checkin

Upon arrival I spoke with the homeowner and he explained me the issue he was having with the septic tank overflowing into the yard, after further evaluation I made homeowner aware that the filter was called the tank needed to be pumped, I’ve been gave multiple upfront options and pricing, after signature approval on pumping up to 1000 gallons are then made I’m on aware that it would not get the tank 100% clean, then began to pump the tank clean and clear of any liquids or solids also cleaning the outlet filter at no charge , after completion of the job I cleaned up all tools and materials - pump up to 1000 gallons

Nathan K.

Nathan K. Job Checkin

Upon arrival hooked up hose to water heater and started flushing. Disassembled flo valve and cleaned propellers to get back functioning properly. Cycled water treatment system, set clock to right time, greased pistons, tested water. Everything working properly. Writing up estimate for customer to add y strainer.

Nick P.

Nick P. Job Checkin

Toilet Stoppage - Clear With Auger And Check Operation, possible obstruction may end up in main and cause further issue Upon arrival customer made me aware that the master bathroom toilet was clogged and would not flush. I gave the customer multiple options and upfront pricing at this time we were able to auger and clear the toilet, test thoroughly and now everything is functioning properly although I do recommend a new toilet in the near future Nick pleasants Rougemont,nc

Adam H.

Adam H. Job Checkin

Completed system check on the entire plumbing system verifying all components of the plumbing system are in excellent condition and functioning as they should as well as tighten screw that holds the capacity dial on the newly installed water system to cut down on noise and vibration when the system is in service, also provided upfront pricing for installation of new toilets in both bathrooms, homeowner will be in touch when ready to schedule work