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Wooten plumbing came through when I need help with a rental property and had already payed for a plumbing job gone bad. Christian with Wooten plumbing walked me through everything he was doing every step of the way! They were very professional, informative and got the job done! I highly recommend Wooten plumbing!

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for bartlesville, ok

Jeremy V.

Jeremy V. Job Checkin

Install cure in place pipe liner on approximately 28’ of 2” for laundry and kitchen drains and 60’ of 3” to line the trunk line from the kitchen to the clean out and from master toilet to clean out. Install a new 2-way clean out.

Jeremy V.

Jeremy V. Job Checkin

Left estimates. Gave three good options. Waived service fee.

Bobby M.

Bobby M. Job Checkin

In Bartlesville, OK, I completed a comprehensive water heater maintenance service. I drained and flushed the tank to eliminate sediment buildup, which can impact efficiency. Additionally, I inspected and tested components like the thermostat, heating elements, and pressure relief valve to ensure safety and optimal performance. Our approach ensures a reliable supply of hot water for you as the homeowner.

Brian W.

Brian W. Job Checkin

In Bartlesville, OK, we performed a meticulous cleaning of the main water line. Using high-pressure hydro-jetting equipment, we removed stubborn debris, scale buildup, and blockages from the pipes. This thorough process ensures optimal water flow throughout the system, preventing potential clogs and enhancing overall performance.

Dillon W.

Dillon W. Job Checkin

In addressing backflow prevention, we conducted a comprehensive examination of the plumbing system in Tulsa, OK. We installed specialized devices, such as check valves and backflow preventers, at key points to ensure water flows in the correct direction, preventing contamination. Additionally, we performed thorough testing to confirm the effectiveness of these measures, prioritizing the safety and integrity of the water supply.

Austin P.

Austin P. Job Checkin

I will run my sewer camera to inspect all the drain lines in home. We will go through roof vents and any open drains. Taking pictures of any back and rough section of pipe.

Christian L.

Christian L. Job Checkin

Inspect plumbing for recurring issue and make repairs