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Thank you for caring for my baby

We brought our boxer in yesterday bc he suddenly became unable to walk. Dr Oliver, as always, went way above and beyond to make us comfortable, explained the situation so we had a clear picture, and involved us in the plan of care. I will forever be grateful to Dr Oliver and the other doctors at the Ranch For caring for our 2 dogs during the 2 years we’ve lived in this area. What I cannot condone or understand is why I was not allowed to go into the building with my baby in a crises situation. I was told that because I am a nurse and care for COVID patients, I am considered an exposure risk. Healthcare workers are probably the safest people to be around. We take the most precautions, wear masks and other PPE the entire 12+ hours we are at work and have had a natural tendency to wash our hands and avoid risky situations. We are expected to put ourselves at risk for our community, but situations like this highlight the fact that our community does not always see us as people, who also have needs and require services. I was not asked if I was symptomatic, just told no, you are not allowed in the building. Many of my colleagues have taken to lying about what they do for a living, to avoid situations like these. So I was punished twice- once for being a nurse, once for being honest. Thankfully we were able to take our boy home. But what if the situation was such that he had taken the walk over the rainbow bridge? Would I have been denied the opportunity to comfort him through that transition? I understand the protective intent behind the policy, and I am eternally grateful for the doctors at the Ranch, but after this experience it may be time to find a new vet to go to.