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"Little OREO's BIG Adventure"

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE! It's been a whirlwind of emotions regarding this little girl's big adventure for the past 2 weeks. So thankful that the Davis Animal Hotel and Spa could be the last-leg of this happy ending story! I appreciate all the support, service and assurances they gave during this stressful time. I would definitely recommend Davis Animal Hotel and Spa to other pet owners. Great people. They truly care about the owners who may be nervous about leaving their pets and they care about your 4-legged babies too, providing very good attention on regular schedules. And, for those of you wanting to know our personal story/experience & why Davis Pet Hotel and Spa means so much to us, here it is: My brother, who is a trucker, lost his 10 month old Aussie, named OREO, at a truck stop in Indiana. Yes, INDIANA! Another amazing trucker with a huge heart, named Lynda, picked her up there and drove her safely around the east coast side of the country for a week. Lynda's truck route allowed her to stop in Birmingham, AL, where she was able to verify OREO's microchip information. Lynda discovered OREO was registered to my brother, David. Unfortunately, these two truckers did not have the same routes or schedules. So, trying to reunite OREO with David quickly was a bit of a trick. Many people helped and volunteered to get involved. So many, in fact it became a bit overwhelming for the family. We were thankful for so many dog-lovers out there - all over the country. Our goal was to just get OREO back as quickly as possible. Fortunately, Lynda had a route headed to Panama City, Florida at the end of the week. David's sister, Cathy (who lived in Molino, Florida), agreed to meet Lynda there to accept OREO on behalf of David. The plan was set and ready to go. Finally, within the same stressful week and in-between family funerals, ER visits of family members, and driving @ 6 hours late at night, OREO was picked up by her Aunt Cathy. But, her BIG adventure was not over just yet... OREO still couldn't be reunited with her dad. More time was needed due to David's load schedule. Cathy brought OREO back to her house in the country. She played with Cathy's two male Aussies. However, being a "trucker girl" at heart and not use to a country-lifestyle or being in a home setting, she became upset. OREO cried and barked and barked. She was stressed and wanted her dad and trucker lifestyle back. Cathy and David decided to search for a temporary solution that would be safe and less stressful for OREO until he could drive to Florida and get her. It was recommended by Cathy's vet (Westside Animal Hospital) to ask Positive Splash. They recommended Davis Animal Hotel and Spa for the last 3 days of Oreo's adventure, due to the unusual circumstances. We were so thankful for all these recommendations. The next day on her lunch hour, Cathy stopped in to speak to Davis Animal Hotel & Spa. Explaining the entire situation through crocodile tears to Anita (who was amazing, caring and attentive), they determined the facility would be perfect! This place would be the last-leg in little OREO's big adventure. Davis Animal Hotel and Spa was clean, the people were friendly, they listened to our needs, and they genuinely cared. They were excited to be part of this BIG adventure and OREO's happy ending story! As a dog owner herself, Cathy was very happy! Davis Animal Hotel & Spa staff was very friendly and reassuring. They explained what they could offer, and they answered ALL of Cathy's questions. The facility was wonderful, enclosed and safe for OREO. In addition, if there had been any additional issues due to OREO's stress - it was also reassuring there was a vet on board. This place offered ALL the assurances for owner and pet. So, the next morning OREO was checked into the Hotel & Spa. The staff loved on and spoiled her. Music played in her room. They took her outside for walks 5 times a day! They fed her, offered fresh water and changed her bedding every day. She had a SPA day and two one-on-one Zoom-Ba Days. They sent Cathy postcards and updates every day. OREO had a fantastic visit for three days at the Davis Animal Hotel & Spa. And, on Friday OREO was ready for her reunion with her dad. The staff was prepared, took pictures and even a video! OREO couldn't contain her excitement. Wiggle-Butt everywhere and jumping up & down. Tears of joy were shared by all. Happy Endings are truly the best! Thank you Davis Animal Hotel & Spa! You helped to make a huge difference in our lives and the life of this little girl, OREO. <3 You took great care of our little OREO on her BIG Adventure.

Response from Davis Animal Hospital - Veterinarian Pensacola:

Thank you so much for such an AWESOME REVIEW! ~Elishia Bouley, CCR