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-Need to extend ground wire from first ground rod to inside top of line side of meter and terminate in small lug in meter compartment. Add another ground clamp at first rod and run your number 4 or number 6 copper to line side of meter compartment instead of replacing the whole run of copper to other ground rod. - Feeder conduit isn’t 18” below grade. To keep from having to redo everything to get proper burial depth, get 2-3 bags of quikrete and dump over conduit so there’s 2” of quikrete over conduit. You won’t need 18” of ground cover if it’s encased in atleast 2” of quikrete. - Bury UF cable for well pump 24” below grade before it emerges from trench at pedestal. Would be easier to sleeve in carflex and place beside feeder conduit before you pour quikrete in trench. If it’s in carflex and encased in quikrete, then you won’t need 24” of ground cover.