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2017 system was found to be condensating from the bottom of the air handler due to a partially restricted drain line. The drain line was cut and cleared. No condensation was noted at the metal trunk line. This trunk line is a custom-made preinsulated metal box, which is insulated within, and requires no insulation without. All flex connections were noted to be secure and well insulated. A small 2 inch portion of the copper vapor line was indeed discovered to be uninsulated. A taped seam had pulled away due to heat shrinkage of the insultube. This seam was resecured with black tape. A few droplets of condensation were recently noted on one of the upstairs registers. This register is located adjacent to the attic access door, and very well may have began to sweat after opening the attic. The boot is properly insulated. Problematic sweating registers may be replaced with a plastic model if an issue persists without cause. No further issues were presently detected with the HVAC equipm