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Great Way to have to get a new Unit

Unfortunately our tech left the drain pipe in a position where it would not drain. While here I was told our unit would likely go any day now. Three days later there is water leaking from the unit and main vents. I was gone for four days so lots of damage likely done with the water buildup. I found the drainpipe and righted it and now more build up of water and no more leaks. Thank you for the sabotage on my unit. We will be posting this on our neighborhood website to avoid this company. Not only dissatisfied but violated with the inadvertent mistake that caused real problems

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jade@actoday-fl.com Job Checkin

On arrival found drain line clogged, heavy slime buildup. Vacuum drain line, treated with drain solve and installed algae pan guard to prevent slime build up, that comes with a six month drain line guarantee. Any drain line issues within the next six months will be warranted. Thank you.

Melissa K.

Melissa K. Job Checkin

Ac repair

Eric S.

Eric S. Job Checkin

Air conditioning service performed explained why unit was given a life expectancy from Quinton as well as explained the drain line issue customer is understanding now and wanted a quote. I quoted a new unit to customer and sent it to his email. He does not think he needs maintenance on this older system but “anywayFor unit

Quinton  W.

Quinton W. Job Checkin

Customer declined any repair or replacement options. He stated he will wait til the AC dies. He also declined any re-sign of any maintenance plans. The system is terrible shape and properly won’t make it through the summer. Performed the last of the gold maintenance. FYI this customer was looking for Travis , a former employee. 😖👎

Bryce L.

Bryce L. Job Checkin

Installed new Uv light in upstairs system.

Bryce L.

Bryce L. Job Checkin

Completed 2 system maintenance, all amps and pressures in ac system are in spec, installed one uv light in air handler in garage. Need to return to install second light in upstairs air handler. Second light was bad out of box. Bryce only call preferred

Garth L.

Garth L. Job Checkin

Mini split estimate Left estimate on 9000 BTU gree heat pump mini split $4250 total. Husband was home alone wife was working they have to discuss it they are getting five estimates on this mini split we are the fourth of five

Garth L.

Garth L. Job Checkin

Air conditioning price Gave estimate on 3 1/2 ton 14 sear York heat pump horizontal under ceiling customers very interested in the Premier program he’s waiting on his wife to get home to make any decisions he’s already had one additional estimate It is getting one more estimate before making decisions but was very impressed that were the only company that offers the Premier program I will follow up with customer in 48 hours

Stephen G.

Stephen G. Job Checkin