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Chris  M.

Chris M. Job Checkin

Chris M and Aaron came out due to no heat again. Performed diagnostic. This is an actual electrician issue. Getting Mark from electrical department out to figure out why breaker keeps tripping.

Chris  M.

Chris M. Job Checkin

Chris M came out due to no heat. Performed diagnostic. Found thermostat had no power at all to it. Went down into basement to furnace. Found furnace had no power to it. Went into garage where breaker panel was and found breaker had tripped. Performed further investigation of why furnace tripped breaker. Found a very dirty filter that got sucked into the furnace cabinet. Recommend replacing filters every 30 days. Filter size is 20x25x1. Found induction fan motor has plastic housing and has a start to a crack in it. The induction fan motor is rated for 1.7 amps and actual amps is 2.8 amps which is over amping. This is more than likely the main reasoning for the breaker to trip. Found hot surface igniter is very white which is early warning signs of failure. Found burner assembly is very dirty which is burning the fuel dirty and not at a clean rate. Found blower cabinet is very dirty and is recommended to be pulled and cleaned. Gave customer options. Got permission to perform work. Went t

Russell  G.

Russell G. Job Checkin

Customer had leak on outside sprinkler line. Three-quarter inch line in the house was froze and broken.

Nick A.

Nick A. Job Checkin

Temperature and pressure relief valve replacement

Gustavo G.

Gustavo G. Job Checkin

Larkspur Gas boiler Gold membership Paid in full CC Review # yes

Aaron W.

Aaron W. Job Checkin

Larkspur, CO 80118

Brandon S.

Brandon S. Job Checkin

Returning 12-15 and 16 to install 2 new tankless and fix venting

Jordan M.

Jordan M. Job Checkin

Electrical service

Jordan M.

Jordan M. Job Checkin

Electrical service- add switch outlet for garage lights

Rustin J.

Rustin J. Job Checkin

Replaced hose bib on side of house by back door. Cut into wall and found leak at mip. Suggest water remediation. Also had leak upstairs in master bath. Pulled off trim plate to see water leaking from cartridge. Replaced cartridge customer provided. Also checked secondary master bath shower and removed shower arms and put on new tape and tightened. 2 year warranty ty parts and labor.

Jay H.

Jay H. Job Checkin

Upon arrival, client wanted estimate to install smart/leak detector whole home shut off valve. Recommended Flo by Moen. Gave options to client and they will call us back when they are ready to have it installed. Inspected plumbing in basement, client didn’t want inspection on rest of home. Says things are working properly.

Mark  P.

Mark P. Job Checkin

No charge warranty call. Dispatch to follow up and schedule Lance for an estimate on two systems.

Mark  P.

Mark P. Job Checkin

A/C Service, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, replace condenser contactor and dual value, capicitor. A/C service in Larkspur Co

Jake M.

Jake M. Job Checkin

Wiring a humidistat in Larkspurk

Jim W.

Jim W. Job Checkin

Leak in drainage underneath kitchen sink in Denver.