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Dan E.

Dan E.

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Furnace safety inspection. Cycled system. When I removed the burner compartment door, I noticed a large amount of water throughout the compartment. Found water was coming from ventor motor and exhaust venting. Found clamp for exhaust venting was loose and tightened it back up. Removed burner doors and burners. Burners are extremely worn, rusted and damaged due to age and lack of yearly maintenance. Removed and checked igniter/flame rod. Both are worn and tested lower than expected. Used camera and checked heat exchanger. All chambers are very rusted and corroded. All four chambers have evidence of cracks starting to form. Removed blower compartment door and found standing water in this compartment as well. Looks as though this is also coming from the above compartment leaking issue. Cycled system and it ignited hard. Yellow flame along with the blue flame was visible in heat exchanger. Preformed combustion test on exhaust. Levels were normal. No CO currently found in airstream. Found