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Brennan L.

Brennan L. Job Checkin

Cut down baseboard. Drained the kitchen zone. Removed baseboard from the wall. Cut down to proper length. Reinstalled and raised baseboard to account for the new flooring. Filled and purged system. All systems operating properly at this time. Have a wonderful fall, Brennan and Brad

Anthony N.

Anthony N. Job Checkin

Performed preferred customer air conditioner cleaning. Checked the indoor coil for leaks. Cleaned the condenser unit. Checked the electrical. Cycled the condenser and checked the refrigerant levels. The refrigerant levels are good. The air conditioner is running normally at this time. The customer is looking to get a quote on changing a boiler register out. The customer is also concerned about some water stains on the floor around the pipes. Office to call to schedule an appointment.

Dan E.

Dan E. Job Checkin

Furnace clean and tune on both furnaces. Cycled both systems. Checked and replaced filter and water panels on both units. Checked both heat exchangers, ok. Removed and cleaned burners and flame sensors. All ok. Checked and adjusted gas pressures to maximize efficiency. Normal levels of XS air and CO in both exhaust tests. No CO found in either airstream tests. Both systems operating normal at this time. Ac clean and tune on both units. Checked and cleaned both electrical compartments. Fan motors and compressors tested normal. Used coil cleaner on condenser coils. Hooked up gauges and checked pressures and temps. All normal. Subcooling was 10 and 11. Both coils were 40 degrees. Temp split was 18. All systems operating normal at this time. Job complete.

Kody W.

Kody W. Job Checkin

Performed boiler clean and tune. The boiler is operating properly at this time. I took pictures of baseboard that Jamie will need to quote a price to move it.

Mike W.

Mike W. Job Checkin


Corey J.

Corey J. Job Checkin

Generator service

Dean P.

Dean P. Job Checkin

Zoned heat

Dan E.

Dan E. Job Checkin

Gas Furnace

Brad G.

Brad G. Job Checkin

Gas boiler