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Hayden H.

Hayden H.

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System- upstairs Approx Age of System: 3 years old Refrigerant Type- R410a Metering Device- TXV SP/HP:125/327 SLT/LLT:63/95 VSAT/LSAT-43/101 Superheat/Subcool-19/5.8 Outdoor Entering Air Temp-86 Outdoor Fan FLA-0.64 Compressor RLA/LRA-7.12/56 Contactor Voltage-238 Capacitor Rating-40/5. (39.6/4.49) Indoor Return Dry Bulb Temp-75 Supply Temp-56 Temperature Difference-19 Required Difference-15-20 Blower FLA- 3.6 Filter Sizes –12x24x1 Changed Filters – No (clean) Blew out drain line: Yes Notes- Everything is cooling properly Next Scheduled Tune up Date: . . . . . . . . . System- downstairs Approx Age of System: 5 years old Refrigerant Type- R410a Metering Device- TXV SP/HP:136/354 SLT/LLT:58/101 VSAT/LSAT-45/106 Superheat/Subcool-11.6/5.6 Outdoor Entering Air Temp-88 Outdoor Fan FLA- 0.73 Compressor RLA/LRA-9.48/67 Contactor Voltage-237 Capacitor Rating-45.4/5.13 Indoor Return Dry Bulb Temp-73 Supply Temp- 56 Temperature Difference-17 Required Difference-15-20