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Horrible service!


You sent multiple techs multiple times to repair my old AC unit. Each one telling me it has a different problem and blaming the last tech as stupid. Finallly you convince me that the unit in my brand new house was a lemon and needed to be completely replaced late last summer. One week after you replaced it of course it failed to cool. Your tech came and of course blamed the previous tech saying that he didn’t charge It correctly and put more in it. Of course cool weather came so the real problem didn’t show until it warmed up again. This time the tech said he was the “hotshot” tech they sent for persistent problems. He didn’t stay long but said it had a leak somewhere between the upstairs unit and outside unit. It needed to be pressure tested. I asked why he wouldn’t do it and he said he didn’t have the equipment and they would have to send someone else. I watched him type in the request to have it scheduled ASAP. Well of course you never called me and scheduled it so a week and a half later it went out again. This time a different tech comes out and says the leak is obviously in the coil and it has oil all around it. This is on Wednesday before Labor Day weekend. Your coordinator then calls to tell me no problem it’s under warranty but that you can’t get the part until the following Tuesday after the holiday weekend. Forecast is high 90’s and we have guests coming for the weekend and this is the best you can do? All this could have been avoided if your first tech had just determined and ordered the coil while it was still cooling. I have to go spend $500.00 on a portable AC unit to try to keep the paintings from melting in my home. Finally after me raising hell with your people you do the right thing and replace my entire outside unit late on Friday. All in all poor technical expertise, communication, and customer service.