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Kelly Y.

Kelly Y.

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Springtime HVAC Repair Service for a commercial client near Kittrell Stadium. Came out on service call report a/c not working Thermostat 2 reading error Removed face plate found bent prong on face plate straightened it out and Thermostat not reading error anymore. Though when push button for outside screen starts glitching recommend replacing Thermostat 2. During inspection on unit 2 unit running at this time Unit 1. Found filter door/return air door off of unit sucking in outside air. Replaced door. Unit 1. Found very dirty condenser coil need 200/300 feet of hoses and water key and chemical cleaning Unit 1. Needs r22 refrigerant unit is low. Unit 1. Loose bx 42 belt needs new one. Unit 1. blower wheel is very dirty. Unit 1. High Amp draws on both condenser fan motors signs of possible part failure Unit 1. Both run capacitors 10mfd are bad. Recommendations to replace unit due to conditions and refrigerant being low