521 J PL 625
Plano , TX 75074

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Jeremy P.

Jeremy P. Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed a two system maintenance checking cooling. Starting with indoor units, checked all electrical, mechanical and safety components, changed supplied filters, upstairs unit had a rattling noise. Found noise coming from high limit rubbing against cabinet. Reposition sensor. Found that blower motor has been replaced on upstairs unit, found blower capacitor bad for downstairs furnace. Then checked outdoor units pressures, amp draws and capacitors. Found that both contactors are pitted from normal wear and tear. Recommended adding a start assist to downstairs system. Homeowner wants to move forward with all repairs. I didn’t have a start assist for a 3 1/2 ton. Homeowner said it was fine to schedule a time to come back and do everything at once.

Angela E.

Angela E. Job Checkin

Performed a two system maintenance checking cooling. Checked inside units electrical and mechanical components. Found that both blower capacitors were weak. Then checked outdoor units pressures amp draws and capacitors. Found that the downstairs unit is pulling high amps on compressor and fan motor. Compressor and fan motor could fail soon. Recommended start assist for downstairs condenser. Gave other recommendations and homeowner wanted to hold off on repairs.