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Manuel M.

Manuel M.

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Incomplete 2 Systems worked on DS Carrier HP Split System. Recovered ref. Came to replace reversing valve. Removed old one. Installed new one in. Leak tested system. Pulled vacuum. Added 6 lbs of 438A. Used 2 lbs from new jog. 4 lbs from recoverey tank was as much as We could get out. Tested. Reversing valve was defective, checked reversing valve coil. Ohmmed it out. Made sure i was getting 24v. Tap reversing valve gently, still couldnt make it work. It needs to be replaced. Called Totalline to order new part. P#:EF17BZ113. Price: $174.30. In stock. Ready for pick up. PO#: 74610. Will need to recover ref in a new tank and reuse ref.