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Grayson  C.

Grayson C.

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Today we did our annual plumbing inspection everything in the house is functioning properly I checked all the emergency shut off valves quarter turn valves and supply lines drain lines everything is functioning how it should be the drains looks really solid they are having for taxes of water as they’re draining the toilets have new fill valve in hallway other toilet still running fine no leaks anywhere. We also did a water heater flush for the customer. The only concern that I did have is the house water pressure is high at 79 psi I went over this with the customer the concerns that we may have with this customer is very interested in getting a PRV he asked me about pricing and was concerned that maybe he could dig up the mainline himself just outside of the home because there is no exposed mean other than in the basement which does not pick up the laundry room so the customer is digging in the yard where his main should be connected if he identifies in locates his main just outside