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Grayson  C.

Grayson C.

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In this estimate summary it will be to complete the connections from the studio main located near the studio and running 46ft over to the new sewage ejection pump. The pump is costumer supplied be we would need to provide a sewer riser with lid. That would require us to dig nearly 5 ft deep. In the estimate we would need too cut the concrete and asphalt and use jack hammers to remove pieces of both. The we would need to dig around 2ft deep with and 1/8th of grade going through the entire 46ft run. After grading the ditch we would then connect our three inch pipe to sewer main by studio hone and connect that to our sewage ejection pump. This pipe will be shaded with sand. Costumer has requested that we finish job after shading the pipe with sand so he can save money by doing the backfill and concrete himself. Costumer also understands its his discretion to pull permit. After doing the work our customer seems to be very happy and satisfied with the job performed. We look forward to servi