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Grayson  C.

Grayson C.

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Open clean out under kitchen Sink we will also need to remove the P-trap which is blocking the clean out access and put it back together when we’re finished use Teflon tape and pipe sealant to secure the leaking fitting at the top of the basket strainer. We will fix the leak for the customer for free because he signing up for a membership he is now a crystal blue customer. Once we have remove the P-trap and open the clean out access we will then send our sewer machine down clear the clog and check the clean out in the front of the property to see water flowing. After I cleared the line and then open the city clean out on the customers driveway I sent the camera down to the customer could see water flowing through the city clean out so that he could tell for sure that the kitchen sink is now un-clogged. Customer seemed very happy and satisfied with the job performed.