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Kelly S.

Kelly S.

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Customer had 2 issues. The first is the garbage disposal not working. The unit is not jammed and when I turned on the power to the unit nothing happened. I used my voltage tester to make sure it was getting power, which it is. And the reset button is not popped out. The motor in the unit has burned out and the only solution is to replace the unit. The other issue is her water heater not heating. This gas control valve is working but the pilot will not stay lit, the problem is likely with the thermal coupling. I gave the customer an estimate to replace just the thermal coupling, and a separate estimate to replace the heater and bring it up to code. She chose to try just the thermal coupling. So I installed it and it lit right up with no issue. Because of the age of the heater I made sure to let the customer know this is just a bandaid and we cant guarantee the heater will continue working. I cycled the heater and it lit up every time. It is now working properly. As for the garbage disp