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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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Jake K. I arrived for a club member furnace tune up X3. I first spoke with the homeowner and she showed me the locations of the indoor systems and the filters. She explained that some filters are an odd size and she has to cut the filters to make them fit. I inspected all filters and found two filters to be an odd size and the filters were bypassing air and debris to the blower. I replaced all filters and cut two new filters that fit better in the filter grills. I should the home how to do this so when they replace the filters their self the system will be filtered better. I also found the downstairs system have a chase way between the first and second floors and this area is not sealed. I recommend to install a downflow filter base in the closet and to remove the filters in the grills. This will lower the number of filters needed and better filter the air of the home. The blower motor is dirty on the downstairs system as well as the upstairs system. The upstairs blower motor is also l