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Jason B.

Jason B.

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01DEC2022 Jason B Arrived for noise issue. Spoke with homeowner about the noise. It’s making a high pitch saw blade sound when running in heating. Cycled system at the thermostat. Listened for noise. Inducer motor squealing. Pulled inducer assembly inspected blades motor and amps. Bearings or motor is failing. Will call tomorrow with availability for the part. 1214A21926 58PHA09012116 Inducer assembly. Inducer wheel making high pitched squealing. System is under warranty. As it’s after 5 I will have to call for availability in the morning. System is safe to run in the meantime. 02DEC2022 Jason B Arrived for previously discussed warranty inducer assembly replacement. Spoke with homeowner about the scope of work. Shut off power to system. Disassembled flue start and inducer motor assembly. Pulled part. Clean up round assembly. Applied high heat silicone to components. Installed new inducer motor and assembly. Cycled the system. Checked amps, pressure switch and CO in the cabinet. Sy