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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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I arrived for a new customer no cool call. I spoke with the homeowner and found the system is loud when it comes on. I inspected the indoor system and found it to be hanging by strap and the evaporator coil door is not accessible. I then inspected the condenser and found capacitor to be not readable on the condenser fan motor side and to be extremely low on the compressor side. I then cycled the system on at the thermostat and found that the thermostat would not bring the system on at all. I recommended to replace the thermostat and the capacitor to see how the system will run. The homeowner agreed and I replaced both components. Once the system cycled on I checked the system operation and found it to be running at 6 deg subcooling and the system calls for 11-14 deg. We discussed preforming a leak search and topping off the systems refrigerant charge but they only wanted to get it cooling just as it was before it stopped running.