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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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I arrived for a new customer system replacement opportunity. I spoke with the wife and found that they had a list of everything they were concerned about. One of those items was some of the duct work had become I strapped and hanging in the attic. The husband was on a conference call and I did not want to pressure him. On that time with inspected the indoor and outdoor system and gained all the information I needed from the systems. The husband was still in him meeting so I started to replace all the broken strap that was supposed to be holding the duct in place. I removed all the old strap and ran new strap on about 1/3 of all the duct work. The only strap that was broken was in areas that the insulation had been disturbed and I assume it was from previous people removing the strap when they made their way across the attic. The old strap was pretty brittle tho I did not have enough strap to replace all the strap that was holding the duct work. At this time all of the duct work is stra