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Joe R.

Joe R.

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No cool. Joe(JC)07/23/2023 I arrive to the call with the customer said that the system has been idle for the past year as the house a bit empty and when they arrived today and turned it on that it was not cooling the house at all. I found that The discharge line coming out of the compressor had developed a leak on it and it had lost a good portion of the refrigerant that was in the system. I got the go ahead from the customer to repair the leak and to recharge the system I recovered all the refrigerant that was in the system so I could put it back in later. I’ve had the leak and pressure tester is in pull the vacuum. After that I recharge the system. The system is now cooling and it will take a bit of time to bring down the temperature as it is 89° in the house but the system is now working properly.