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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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Jake K. I arrived for a warranty call on a system we recently rewired to get the system running. I inspect the system and found the low voltage fuse to have failed. I also found that the system was we and the parts to have water on them. I suspect that the homeowner was running the air conditioner and he systems had frozen over. When they turned the ac off and the heat on the ice melted and got the electric parts below the coil wet. This is what I believe to have blown the fuse. I replaced the fuse and cycled the system on In heating mode and found all three elements to be running properly. I also found the blower motor to be running correctly. This is not a heat pump system. I explained to the homeowner that the system could be low on refrigerant but I can’t properly check the systems refrigerant charge with the outdoor temperature at 50 degrees. I recommended to not run the ac when it’s colder outside due to it being a higher possibility of the system freezing up. I explained that th