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Came out to call for a system not cooling properly. Customer stated that the AC unit wasn’t coming on, and it was just blowing warm air. Customer replaced the capacitor but unit still wasn’t cooling. I checked system over and found capacitor to be good still, and the fan cap she replaced to be correct. System is completely clogged with debris. After checking the unit I asked them to cycle it on, and it came on with no issues. I believe the fan motor cut out on internal overload and kept the system from cooling. Recommended washing the condenser coil thoroughly and checking refrigerant pressures and operation afterwards. I washed the condenser coil thoroughly and then rechecked operation. System was working properly. Fan motor is operating within proper range at this time. Recommended maintenance plan to keep system maintained. Customer signed up for blue plan. Supplied customer filters to replace when it’s time. This counted as her first service with us.