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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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Sam Jarvis - arrived and found limits prematurely opening causing no heat. Temporarily bypassed limits to give homeowner heat until parts can be ordered. Jake. We arrived and found the limit s to be faulting out. The data plate calls for 200 deg limits. The limits that are installed are 150 deg limit break. We will track down the correct limit s for this system and contact the homeowner on pricing for replacement of all three limits. We bypassed two out of three of the heat strips to give some heat to the residents. This is only temporary. Jake. I received a call saying that the system will not shut off at all. I arrived and cycled the system off and on 5 times with the system following every command correctly. I will still be looking for the parts needed and price a heater replacement kit and the parts separately. Sam J - returned on 10/20/22 with limits for repairing heater. Removed damaged limits then installed new limits. Checked operation of system in heat and cool. Chec