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Mike T.

Mike T.

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On July. 30th 2021 I arrive to a new customer nonmember upon arrival I greeted the customer they stated that the unit wasn’t cooling check the thermostat and then walked around the building to find the exit to the roof got on the roof I checked the condensing unit it was running it’s three-phase so no capacitor check the charge and the unit was pulling into a vacuum shut it down system only had 10 psi sitting on it give the customer option to get a quote for replacement since it was so low and the unit held 6.25 pounds of Freon customer declined wanted to put refrigerant in instead found a pinhole leak on the condensing unit were the tubes go through the metal plate it’s a very small leak recommended replacement customer still denied said to go ahead and add the refrigerant I added 6 pounds of 20 to get 13° superheat unit has a piston in it everything‘s working like it should there’s no telling how long the refrigerant will last thank you for your business Mike T