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Taylor P.

Taylor P.

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Arrived to the customers home because heater was not working properly. Was greeted by the customer where I was shown the thermostat and where the furnace were located. Once I got to the unit in the attic I started troubleshooting the issue, I found the system on a pressure switch stuck open fault. Started looking at the induce draft motor assembly and discovered a blockage and the induce draft motor port preventing pressure switch from closing. Was able to free very slight blockage with a piece of thermostat wire. Also found later in the heating cycle I was getting a flame sensor failure. Presented the issues to the customer and with here permission I pulled and cleaned the flame sensor. Reinstalled the flame sensor and re started the heating cycle and furnace fired with no issue. Also did glance over the entire furnace to make sure no more obvious failures were going to accrue. As of right now the system is heating properly with no further repairs needed at this time.