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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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Jake k. I arrived for a club member fall tune up. We spoke of the membership plan and if it’s really needed on a system that this new. We discussed how a new system can probably run for a couple of year or more with no issues just because it was a new system. We also threw around the idea of what if we did not maintain a new system. Sure a new system could probably run a little while with no issues with no maintenance but if the system did get out of line just a little bit on any part the system could slowly get worse but it could still stay running. I explained it as you can probably have a couple of cigarettes now not notice a lot of changes. You may be able to keep you breathe the same pace without any stress. But the first time you go to exercise and you need you lungs to work at there best or you need that furnace to come on and keep you warm you will probably with you didn’t have those cigarettes or not have the system inspected every year. The small stresses over a long period o