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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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I arrived for a previous customer buying a new home. I inspected the system and found the indoor air handler to be 16 years old. I found the outdoor system to be 10 years old. I first cycled the system on in emergency heating and found the blower motor to be pulling 2.8 amps and it is not raited to run more than 3.3 amps per manufacture specifications. The blower wheel is dirty and I recommend to have it cleaned. The system is being double filtered and should only use one set of filters at the filter grill on the ceiling or one at the air handler in the closet but not both at the same time. The filter sixes are 14X24X1 =2 and 20X20X1 =1. The blower motor capacitor has been replaced and is reading 9.9MFD out of 10MFD. The range it is aloud to work in is 9.4MFD and 10.6MFD. I then checked all 3 heat strips and found the first heat strips to be running at 24.0 amps. The 2nd to be running at 23.4 amps and the 3rd to be running at 20.1 amps. The heat strips are not recommended to run more t