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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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I arrived for a blue club membership furnace tune up X2. I first spoke with the homeowner and found that they use an allergy filter and not a standard 1” filter we provide. She only has two filters for me to replace that they provided that are allergy filters. I did replace the 20X25 filter in the garage closet that needed to be replaced. They showed me the thermostat location and the location of both systems. When I went to replace the filters i found the filter grill return boot to be deteriorating and was leaking attic air and insulation into the system. I replaced the filters and inspected this duct system. I found the return plenum to have insulation sitting in the plenum corners and I also found the blower motor to be dirty as well as the evaporator coil to start to clog up with debris from the attic. I also found the supply plenum to have some biological growth in the supply plenum. I did cycle the furnace on and found it to be running but the systems amp draws and electrical co