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Jason B.

Jason B.

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05JUN2024 Jason Brown Arrived for blue club summer tune up service. Spoke with homeowner about the systems performance. Last time you were here you made some recommendations, and the installing company came out and ran a new supply to the bedroom. It has corrected the temperature issues for us and the home is now comfortable. We found a water mark in the ceiling above the condensation line. We’ve had the installing company inspect it and they found it dry. Replaced all filters. Homeowner showed me water marks from possibly the drain line. I inspected the drain and found it dry still. I am unable to determine the cause of the water mark at this time. Opened up furnace and evap found everything clean and pulling proper amps. Measured temperature split, and verified ductwork. Moved out side and cleaned condenser coils and checked all components and electrical connections at the AC. 69/70 and 4.9/5 cap 16 ohms across contactor coil, and 9 degrees of subcooling. System is working properly a