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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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06-11-2024. Jake Kring. I arrived for a silver club membership noise complaint. I spoke with the homeowner and she showed me the location of the system and I cycled the system on to see what the system is doing when it’s making a noise. I found the system to not be making any noise at this time. I checked the 16 year old systems operation and found it to be running low on refrigerant. I brought my findings to the homeowner and we decided to wait until her son got home to go over what the system is doing with him. Once the son arrived at the home i explained that the system is running low on refrigeration and that the system is not making any noise at the time and the noise could be the compressor making noise after the system runs while when its low on refrigerant. I explained all refrigerant cost and all levels of leak searches to the son. We decided to add what refrigerant is needed to get it running correctly and to see how low the system was. The system holds 10 pounds of refriger