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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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Jake Kring. 06-15-2024. I arrived for a blue club membership summer tune up. I spoke with the homeowner and found that the system is running well and they have no issues with the systems performance. I first cycled the soon at the thermostat and checked the indoor system. I found the filter to be clean and I left a replacement filter in the utility closet. I then inspected the blower monad wheel and found no issues. I inspected the coil and flushed the drain line and found the coil to be clean and the drain to be clear. I then inspected the condenser and found the condenser to have grass on the condenser coil and one corner of the coil starting to corrode. The corrosion is likely due to the dogs urinating on the coil causing the systems fins to breakdown. This can cause the system to have a leak in time if this continues. I cleaned the coil free from all debris. I then checked the systems electrical components and refrigerant charge and found the system to be running well.