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Jason B.

Jason B.

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30JUL2021 Jason B Arrived to new install having trouble keeping up. Spoke with Michelle about the systems performance. During the heat of the day the system is struggling to get down below 74 degrees. The hottest room is the master bed. Inspected coil furnace and condenser. Found the system running properly with ideal pressures and subcooling. Inspected ductwork in attic. Found system running on one 14” return. Making total intake cfm 450. This is a 3 ton system requiring 1200 cfm. I recommend increasing the duct run from behind the system to 18” hard pipe, then wying to two 16” returns. Increasing the existing return to 16” flex then cutting in a new return into the master hall or as close as possible. This should be a 14x30 return if at all possible to match their other. Cfm after increasing comes out to 1250 I also found the attic insulation to be lacking at 6” when recommended minimum is 13” at 1600 sqft I recommend blowing in 10 bags of insulation.