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Oklahoma City, OK 73160
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Jason B.

Jason B.

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24JUN2024 Jason Brown Arrived for previous customer no cool. Spoke with Grant about the systems performance. The blower motor intermittently does not start, and the system is not keeping up lately. These issues are not related, and I’m more concerned about the cooling. Inspected furnace AC and coil. Found coil clean, blower wheel clean, and run cap at furnace reading 3.6/7.5 inspected AC. Found all capacitors within range and contactor with 16ohms across the coil. The fins are quite dirty however. Discussed the capacitor and the systems condition. Flipped call into a tune up. Disassembled AC, washed condenser coils, pulled dirt and leaves from inside and clean up area around the AC. Reassembled the equipment and checked pressures. System is running at a 11 degrees of subcooling with a 21 degree temperature split. Homeowner needed to get to work, so we decided to see if this would correct the issue and if we need another call he will call and schedule. If/when we return we should bring