9320 S. Pole Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73160
(405) 794-8900

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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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Jake Kring. 06-24-2024. I arrived for a club member o cool call. I first spoke with the homeowner and he explained that the system is running but not cooling and the outdoor system is making a bad sounding noise. I first inspected the indoor system and found the system to be running but the blower motor is spinning extremely slow. I checked all power that needs to be supplied to the motor and found it to have all appropriate power to all leads. I then tried to change the blower ps speed manually and had no changes. I then inspected the condenser and found the system to be running but it’s running and looking low on charge. I explained to the homeowner that the motor had failed but I can’t check the system properly without a good motor in place. We decided for me to track down a warranty motor and replace it at this time. I left the property and retrieved the warranty motor. Once I returned I replaced the motor and checked the systems operation. I found the new motor to come on and run