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Oklahoma City, OK 73160
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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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I arrived for a blue member ac pm. I first spoke with the homeowner and found that the blower motor is making a grinding noise when it starts up. I first inspected the furnace and found the blower motor capacitor to be in working range. The blower motor bearings are tight and the motor is pulling locked rotor amps upon start up. He motor is slow to spin and is in poor condition. I also inspect the evaporator coil and found it to be rusted and to have oil spots on the face of the evaporator coil. I then inspected the condenser and found the contactor to start to chock up and started loose it’s points on the contactor. I also found the system to be running low on refrigerant at this time. I made all issues aware aware to the homeowner and they are to talk above getting the systems repaired or to get the system bid for replacement. I offered to bid the system for replacement at this time but they are waived on other situations to straighten out befor we bid a new system at this time. We