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Ray F.

Ray F.

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Ray F 8/16/22 Arrived to a previous customer no cool service call and the customer met me at the garage. I introduced myself and he informed me that the breaker to the air conditioner is tripped and will not reset. I inspected the system and opened the disconnect box to inspect the fuses and wiring. Both 30 amp fuses are good and the wiring is in good condition. Left fuses out of disconnect to remove the air conditioner from the circuit. Went and inspected the breaker panel and found a single 30 amp breaker tripped. Breaker will not reset. Popped the other 30 amp breaker out of panel for the customer to take to the hardware store. He is going to purchase new breakers and install them himself. Will contact us back if there is anything we can assist him with. I believe the breakers are the issue with his system and once the breakers are replaced that the system should work properly. Thank you for your business.