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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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I arrived for a silver member summer tune up. I spoke with the homeowner and found that some ducts and grills are dirty. We discussed the cost to clean the ducts and they all need to be cleaned at the same time. I explained why we can’t clean then one at a time due to us having to haul the machine through her house and it’s easier and cheaper to clean all the ducts at once. We then discussed the filter and that we use to put a 4” EX flex filter in the system. She has a 1” filter in place now. We discussed the filters and that she wants a EZ flex filter but the cost is to much and she wants it at the old cost of $75. I honored what she said the cost should have been and I offered to install a EZ flex filter for $75. She then decided she did not want the filter. I found the filter cabinet screw to have been loos in place and was not holding the door closed. I removed the old hand screw and replaced it with a bigger screw to hold the filter door on properly. I then inspected the evaporato