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Jason B.

Jason B.

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12MAY2021 JB Arrived for spring tune up. Discussed system performance with Deborah, she reported an odd sound from the condenser and stated she was concerned about its condition. Cycled system on at thermostat. Inspected condenser and found condenser coils clogged with grass and dirt. Washed condenser coils and pad. Inspected all electrical components and found capacitor reading a little low on the fan side. Inspected furnace and coil. Coil clean, blower cabinet and fan cage clean. Capacitor and fan amps all within specs. Float switches are working properly and no signs of refrigerant leaks or water. After discussing AC capacitor condition and probable cause we decided to go ahead and replace the capacitor. Cycle system on in heat, cycle system on in cooling. System is running properly at this time. Motor 4.2/7.9 Cap 7.5/.5 Cabinet clean Coil clean AC Contactor good Compressor amps 6.2 Fan amps .9 Capacitor 2.5/5 38/40