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Jason B.

Jason B.

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28SEP2022 Jason B Jeremiah V arrived for 3 system silver summer tune up. Spoke with staff about the systems performance, everything has been working fine since the last repairs. Cycled systems at stats. Inspected blower cabinets, motors, capacitors, electrical connections and components. Inspected pressures, compressors fans, and all electrical connections at the AC. Found both pack in blowers over amping north 5.5/5.2 south 6.0/5.2 found capacitor for inducer motor on north system reading 2.5/3 and out of manufacture specifications. (+/-6%) found fan capacitor on north system completely failed system is running on 1 fan currently. coils clean, condenser coils damaged but clean and working. Overall pack units are cooling, recommend replacing bad capacitors. Inspected split system blower motor, cabinet, and coil. all clean no signs of oil leaks or failing insulation. Inspected cap, compressor, fan, and contactor. All working properly. Washed all condensers and changed all filters. Wen