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Adam T.

Adam T. Job Checkin

HVAC Repair Service: Responding to a homeowner's concern about a ductless mini-split system emitting strange noises, our examination identified a malfunctioning fan blade. Swiftly replacing the fan blade and conducting a thorough check, we eliminated the noises. The system now operates quietly and efficiently, providing optimal climate control and a more serene indoor environment for the homeowner.

Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech preformed CMA INSPECTION on 1 Package Heat Pump. System does operate at this time, but only in cool mode and heat mode. Auxiliary Heat an Emergency Heat do not operate at this time. Tech found heat strips to be wired incorrectly from installation. Low voltage wires are not connected to low voltage terminals on contactor. This does not allow for proper communication between control board and heat strips. Tech also found a fuse on high voltage side has failed. This also causes heat strips not to operate. Heat strips do have continuity. Tech recommends correcting wiring for heat strips and replacing failed fuse. Tech also recommends pulling heat strips to clean dust and debris from them after correcting power challenges. This will help prevent any smoke and fire hazards before activating heat strips. Office will have to contact customer with pricing at a later date. Tech has attached system performance report to invoice along with pictures.

Romario  T.

Romario T. Job Checkin

Package unit on the rooftop, found the ignition wire off the board, upon connecting the ignition wire back on, tech noticed the inducer motor turning off after 5 seconds. Cycled power and managed to get the system to spark but no ignition. Tech found no gas was being supplied to the unit. Gas still has a lock at the meter. Piedmont natural gas needs to be contacted to remove the lock. Costumer is not interested in ESA at this time and requested a paper copy of the invoice to be sent by regular mail.

Kenny C.

Kenny C. Job Checkin

Performed ESA, tech installed plasma air after homeowners approval.

David  S.

David S. Job Checkin

Performed full service on heatpump, washed and tested Operation. Filters were not replaced

Joshua C.

Joshua C. Job Checkin

Performed scheduled filter change on Trane package unit on roof.

Jared L.

Jared L. Job Checkin

Tech performed ESA on 1 system found no issue at today’s visit, customer decided to do 1 year PSA tech collected 308.51 for renewal.