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Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Techs preformed CMA FULL SERVICE on 6 split systems. System #3 (dining room) is down due to being void of refrigerant from evaporator coil leak. Recommend replacing system. System #1 is operating at this time but tech detected leak in evaporator coil. Recommend replacing system. System #2 is operating at this time but systems is 23 years old with R22 refrigerant and condenser coil and evaporator coil are in poor condition. Recommend replacing system. All other units are operating at this time. System #4 and #6 are in need of minor repairs but operating at this time. Tech has attached estimate for minor repairs to invoice. Tech has also attached system performance reports along with pictures to invoice.

Romario  T.

Romario T. Job Checkin

Tech checked system #3, #5,#6. #3(dining area) is mechanically operating properly, however, it is low on R410A charge, tech suspects about 2lbs low. Due to low charge and possible previous refrigerant checks(which causes refrigerant loss) by another company, tech recommends a leak search and/or adding refrigerant as 2 options. System #5(kitchen) condenser unit was off, after operating in cool mode, tech was told by the maintenance man that and previous company replaced the compressor(no terminal cover on the compressor plug/wires was found) and did not operated the system due to an indoor TXV faliure. Tech performed an operational test on the system and found it to be operating properly continuously throughout the visit without signs of potential Indoor TXV(mitering device) challenges T this time. Temperature in the kitchen went from 80 to 73 degrees. System #6(laundry hall) airhandler was found with a return duct half disconnected and the top collard wide open with no duct connectio