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Jesse J.

Jesse J.

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Tech preformed CMA INSPECTION on 6 Split Systems, 1 Exhaust Fan, and 1 Air makeup unit. Split System #3 is still down due to system being void of refrigerant from evaporator coil leak. Air Handler is operating with Aux Heat. Proposal was sent for replacing System in August of 2023. Tech found Condenser Unit #5 froze up. Tech defrosted unit and checked pressures in heat mode and cool mode. Tech believes system is low on refrigerant but unable to verify due to outside temperatures being 40 degrees and system having head pressure control. Recommend returning on warmer day to verify refrigerant charge. Split System #2 is still operating at this time but is physically in poor condition with both condenser coil and evaporator coil. Proposal was sent after first CMA VISIT. Split System #1 is operating at this time but still presents with an evaporator coil leak and now dual run capacitor is weak and in need of replacement. Proposal was also sent after first CMA VISIT. Split Systems #4 and #6