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David S.

David S. Job Checkin

-Performed CMA full service on one split system and one rooftop package system. -Split system had previous diagnosis provided for heat not working 10/18/23. System does not operate properly in heat mode. Thermostat currently set to 50 degrees. Observed severe buildup of debris on auxiliary heat strips. Heat strips should be removed and cleaned to safely operate. Actual time and material to be billed upon approval. Recommend installation of EZ Trap to properly service air handler drain lines. Provided estimate $138.80. Outdoor fan capacitor tested weak. Recommend replacement of capacitor. Provided estimate $198.14. -Ceiling grid near air handler poorly supported and damaged prior to service.

David S.

David S. Job Checkin

-Performed CMA full service on one split system and one mini split system. -Recommend addition of auxiliary drain pan at air handler to protect against flooding area with sensitive equipment. Approximate size 24x24”. Office to provide estimate upon request. -Systems operating correctly at this time.

Noah C.

Noah C. Job Checkin

Tech performed CMA inspection on two systems. Tech adjusted belt tension on Trane package unit, also wrapped wiring in compressor compartment to prevent any potential shorts in the future. Tech found no challenges with this system. Amp draws and capacitors tested within spec. System is heating and cooling properly. Tech inspected Trane split system and found system running fine in cool mode with proper refrigerant pressures. However, once switching to heat mode the system cuts out on high head pressure. Suction pressure is within spec but head pressure gradually rises above 500 until pressure switch opens. Airflow is good, tech found a 6 degree temp difference across filter drier. Drier is restricted, indoor and outdoor TXV are operating properly. Recommend replacing filter drier. Amp draws are within spec, Condensor fan motor is almost over amping. 5MFD run cap for fan motor is testing weak, recommend replacing. Compressor run cap (70MFD) is testing within range. Trane split system is

Anthony  B.

Anthony B. Job Checkin


Anthony  B.

Anthony B. Job Checkin

Mitsubishi 3.0-Ton A/C Condensing Unit w/ Air Handler

Joseph C.

Joseph C. Job Checkin

Tech came to further diagnose short cycling, tech tested unit operation by jumping equipment out or using thermostat and tech could not find a mechanical issue with equipment. Tech jumped out pressure switches and checked continuity between pressure switch when system is at its highest pressure and pressure switch was still staying closed. System will go in and out of defrost with no challenges. Refrigerant pressures are well within specs as well as delta T. Based on customers explanation And time intervals tech believe system is going through a defrost. Since defrost board is based off a timer instead of coil sensors. Chances of system going into a defrost upon start up is likely. Customer also stated system was maintaining temperature throughout issue. System is working properly at this time. Told customer to call back if she has any other challenges

Joshua W.

Joshua W. Job Checkin

Tech installed sheet metal heat strip panel inside package unit. Removed cardboard from unit. Customer was concerned about fire. Tech tested heat strips without issues and reassured customer. Service warranty.

Donald  S.

Donald S. Job Checkin

Tech found restriction in system verified airflow and no leaks found Added ac renew and system is running properly Will need to return with sheet metal to make new heat strip door

Luis R.

Luis R. Job Checkin

Tech found unit would not make good contact tech found ohms reading 18 tech replaced with one-off truck unit started up with no issues under 2 year parts and labor warranty

David C.

David C. Job Checkin


Carlos R.

Carlos R. Job Checkin