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Coral Springs, FL 33065

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John G.

John G.

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Electrical inspection of exterior main disconnect switch near meter room at east end of the property. Remove exterior rust sections with wire wheel / brush. Paint exterior of main disconnect switch with a rustoleum grey paint. Remove rusted screws and replace with new SS screws. Clean interior of the cabinet. Check electrical connections with infrared camera. Take pictures and thermal images for engineer. NOTE: WE HAVE INSPECTED, TESTED AND CLEANED THE MAIN DISCONNECT SWITCH. THE SWITCH IS IN GOOD WORKING ORDER AND DOES NOT SHOW ANY SIGNS OF DAMAGE. THE SURFACE RUST AREAS WERE INSPECTED, WIRE BRUSHED AND THE ENTIRE EXTERIOR OF THE SWITCH WAS PAINTED WITH A "RUSTOLEUM PAINT". ALL CONNECTIONS WERE INSPECTED WITH A THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA AND SHOW NORMAL LEVELS OF HEAT DISSIPATION.