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Ridiculous price.,horrible service

It was a horrible experience to me . I was charged $ 4000.00 to change the panels and wirings “inside and out “ but not all of those were done. The dryer stopped working . I called the office , they scheduled the technician to go back to the house . I waited for more than 1 hour for him that afternoon ,but he did not show up. I found out later that he came early . Well after that, my dryer still would not start . The following day I called the office of my concerns and spoke to Lauren , she was not sympathetic at all , she screamed at me and hung up the phone on me , I felt so bad. I was afraid to call after that . Later I was sent a signed acknowledgment letter in the email saying that I was fully satisfied of the work done . Well I was not satisfied And I am still not satisfied and also I did not sign it , my tenant said she did not sign it . I know that my tenant has a visitor in the house that does not speak English . I do not think it is right for them to let the visitor sign a paper that can’t understand what they are signing . The owner was supposed to sign not the tenant or the visitor . In my conversation with the Technician he thought that the dryer got burned out . Few days later , I had repairmen come out to repair the dryer but those 2 people could not make it start either . I eventually bought a brand new one and that would not start either . I plan to call Kings Electric again but I am afraid . I am also still waiting for the copy of the paper /forms that i signed that they were supposed to email to me . I still have not received those . I also do not have a paper that shows I have a 3 year warranty as promised to me by the Technician. To me it was a horrible experience .